Consolidation of the international VERA collaboration

The international VERA board, IVB, met in September to lay down the framework for collaboration within VERA. Here you can read about the agreements of the German, Danish and Dutch representatives


The international VERA Board, IVB, discussed at a joint meeting in Bonn, the collaboration within VERA. At the meeting a number of essential decisions were made, which is important for the international collaboration and the access to an extended market for manufacturers of environmental technology for agricultural production.

 The IVB consists of representatives from central authorities in Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark. At the meeting also the VERA-Secretariat and the German agricultural test organisation DLG participated.

Identifying the national contacts in Germany and The Netherlands

 Germany and The Netherlands had not yet determined who should manage the national VERA activities and coordinate the international collaboration. This was established at the meeting in Bonn. In Germany DLG, The German Agricultural Society will be responsible for the tasks within VERA. In The Netherlands it is The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, in collaboration with Wageningen University who coordinates the national and international activities. Thereby a much greater visibility of VERA in the collaborative countries is obtained, through among others expansion of the website to contain a German and Dutch part.

A program for mutual recognition

 Since VERA was established, another crucial point has been the mutual recognition of test results among the participating countries. For VERA to obtain its full value as an international system, it is essential that the results and documentation from testing a technology in one country can be acknowledged in the other participating countries. There is however a difference in how the organisations within the three countries apply practices when assessing test results and documentation. Hence, there is a need for the organisations to obtain a mutual knowledge and confidence regarding the practise used in the three countries.

 At the meeting in Bonn, it was decided to initiate a two year programme, where the verification organisations share and develop methods, experience and results. In this way the necessary understanding of one another is obtained, creating a mutual trust and reliability, which is necessary to acknowledge the test results and documentation from the other countries. The VERA-Secretariat is working on creating a plan for this work.

The VERA Verification Statement is on its way

 The VERA Verification Statement is the document given to the technology manufacturer when a test is conducted according to a VERA test protocol. In Bonn the VERA-Secretariat presented a draft for the form and content of a VERA Verification Statement. The IVB was very pleased with the draft but wished to look further into it. The draft was also sent to technology experts in each of the three countries. Based on the feedback, the VERA-Secretariat is working on the final document. The VERA-Secretariat expects to issue the first VERA Verification Statement very soon.

Test protocol for housing systems version 2

 Version 2 of the test protocol for housing systems was approved at the IVB meeting. This means that both The Netherlands and Germany is ready for applying the test protocol for housing systems as they are already with the test protocol for air cleaning technologies.