New version of the test protocol for housing systems

A new version of the test protocol for housing systems makes it easier for test organisations to report the results. This improves the basis for comparing different VERA-tests

Approved protocol

The VERA test protocol for housing systems (VERA Test Protocol for Livestock Housing and Management Systems) has been revised and is published in a new version. From February till September 2011, a group of experts from Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark has been working intensively on revising the existing protocol from 2009. In September the new protocol was approved by the international VERA board – IVB. This means that manufacturers of environmental technologies, who has conducted a VERA test following the guidelines in the protocol for housing systems, can achieve mutual recognition in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.


International recognition

The new version of the test protocol contains better instructions for the use of the protocol, targeted different animal categories. E.g. when to do sampling at types of animals where the level of emission depends on the size of the animal. The new protocol also has a more detailed description of the statistical processing and presentation of results in the test report than the former version.

The new test protocol makes it easier for the test organisations to report the test results and by that provides a better basis for comparing the results from different VERA tests. This comparison plays a central role in the international standardisation and recognition of tests and technologies and the access to the international market.

In addition the test protocol has a new design, layout and a more precise sectioning. This greatly improves the readability and the usability of the protocol.