The VERA Secretariat looks ahead

Together with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the VERA Secretariat has defined the 2012 plan of action. An exciting year awaits us, both in Denmark and internationally

International growth

During 2012 we will focus particularly on three issues in the international cooperation:

• Anchoring the VERA  organisation in both Germany and the Netherlands
• Establishing the cooperation for mutual recognition of test results
• Disseminating VERA to other countries

Anchoring in the Netherlands and Germany

From day one, Germany and the Netherlands have participated in developing the test protocols, and they therefore recognise them as a common frame of reference for testing environmental technologies for agricultural production. Despite this, they are still working on implementing VERA as it has been in Denmark.

Shortly before Christmas we arranged the activities that will anchor VERA in the Netherlands with our Dutch partners. Firstly, in February, the VERA test protocols were presented at a seminar for the Dutch test institutes. During the following month, a Dutch site at will be established.
 Germany has just announced that financing of the VERA activities has fallen into place. This means that the implementation of VERA in Germany will be organised with the German partners during the following months.

Mutual recognition

International cooperation is one of VERA’s strengths, and helps ensure that the results, which are obtained by testing a technology in one country, will be directly acknowledged in the other participating countries. As Germany and the Netherlands are now ready to implement VERA, an agreement has been reached where it is possible to carry out a process for applying the mutual recognition. This means that technology manufacturers with an interest in marketing their products in all three countries will have the opportunity to participate in a process where the test results from a completed VERA test will be evaluated simultaneously within the three countries.

Disseminating VERA to other countries

Several countries have shown great interest in VERA, and collaboration with France has been initiated. France also has a program for testing various types of environmental technologies for agricultural production. During 2012, this collaboration will be further strengthened, and other countries will be involved in VERA as well. Practically, collaboration will be established to develop new test protocols, among them technologies for producing biogas.

The effort in Denmark

2012 is the year where we will receive several applications for VERA Verification Statements from the manufacturers of environmental technology for agricultural production. Several manufacturers are already well under way with testing – and even more are on their way.

Furthermore, we will reach out to even more technology manufacturers. This will ensure that as many manufacturers as possible benefit from the skilled consultancy we offer as part of introducing and anchoring the VERA organisation in Denmark. As a technology manufacturer, the VERA Secretariat can assist you if you have any questions concerning the VERA test protocols. We can clarify the connection to the environmental legislation and the Technology list from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, and help you assess test plans. Furthermore, the VERA Secretariat ensures that the test reports are assessed and considered by external experts. Also, the VERA Secretariat issues the final VERA Verification Statement and through our website we ensure that each technology is exposed in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.