1st VERA Verification Body authorised: ETA Danmark A/S

ETA Danmark A/S has a long history in global verification activities and assessments, along with its task of supporting manufacturers and the Danish authorities when updating the Danish technology list. Subsequently, they came across VERA when it started in 2008 and have frequently supported different VERA activities during that time. Moreover, ETA Danmark is an authorised verification body for the EU-ETV pilot programme launched by the European Commission, as well as for the DAN-ETV system, and is as such accredited according to the ISO 17020.

ETA Danmark combines excellent competences in assessments and verification as well as in evaluating and approving technologies not only for industrial but also for agricultural applications. Therefore, it has been an easy decision for the VERA Board to select this organisation to become the VERA verification body in Denmark.

It is with great pleasure that I can inform you today that the VERA Board has decided to authorise ETA Danmark to be the first ever official ‘VERA Verification Body’!

From now on, ETA Danmark A/S can perform VERA verifications. According to our General VERA Guidelines, it will coordinate any activities between the applicant and other parties involved in the course of the VERA verification process. Any manufacturer can now apply for a VERA verification with ETA Danmark – in Danish or, of course, in English!

Interested? Contact Thomas Bruun for more details!

ETA-Danmark A/S
Address: Göteborg Plads 1, DK-2150 Nordhavn, Denmark
Contact: Thomas Bruun, Managing Director
Phone: +45 72245968
Website: www.etadanmark.dk