Preparation for extension of VERA cooperation


At the beginning of June the International VERA Board came together in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, to agree on the future strategy and VERA organisation in terms of opening the cooperation to additional member countries. As one of the first steps, VERA will present and promote itself on 30 June within the framework of a European taskforce meeting on reactive Nitrogen in Aarhus, Denmark. Representatives of several European countries who are active in the field of emissions will be present.

As a new technical aspect, it was considered to allow also other 'primary parameters' (e.g. like CH4) to be used as an optional add-on in a VERA verification. This could also intensify the motivation for the participation of new members.

In order to gain insight in special emission measures, the group used its chance to visit a large dairy goat farm close to the meeting venue. Being situated close to a Natura2000 habitat, the animal house was equipped with an air cleaning system which was a one-stag bio trickling filter similar to those which are used in pig houses.