VERA at NIFLUM Workshop

The International Expert Workshop on Nitrogen Flux Method Evaluation (NIFLUM) will be held on 28 and 29 September 2017 at the Technische Universität in Berlin (


The workshop focuses on the evaluation of methods for the measurement of gaseous nitrogen emissions (NH3, N2O and NOx) from synthetic fertilizer application. Its main goal is to work out recommendations for a standardized measurement practice to collect data for the calculation of emission factors.

Developing a new VERA test protocol also for the application of synthetic fertilizers apart from manure has been discussed and is already planned for the future. Our German VERA expert for land application, Sebastian Wulf, will represent VERA at this workshop by giving a speech on "The VERA Test Protocol: Verification of emission reduction technologies in agriculture - General aims and current state of test protocol for land applied manure". It will be held on Thursday, 28 September at 15:30 h.       

Please find the detailed schedule here:



Learn more about VERA at NIFLUM and check out the presentation given by the VERA expert Sebastian Wulf:

Presentation Niflum Sebastian (pdf, 1006 kB)