Germany hands over the flag

Time to say goodbye and thank you!


With this, the International VERA Secretariat located in Germany bids you farewell.
Since the beginning of the collaboration, the agreement has been that the management of the international secretariat will rotate between the countries every four years. After Denmark and Germany, the Netherlands will subsequently take over the international responsibilities from 1 October 2018. Financed by the Dutch Ministry of Environment and Infrastructure, the tasks will be handled by the NEN.


It has been four exciting years with many different common activities – ranging from technical-scientific aspects when revising and presenting the VERA test protocols or accompanying applications, gaining insight into national and European political approaches towards different processes, and establishing a quality management system for VERA to discovering the fun of moderating groups seeking the best possible solutions as well as creating and maintaining a website.

VERA truly has a strong network with excellent people in all its groups which was a great pleasure and honour to be part of. Together, we have added to VERA’s vision of professionalising our VERA system, both in an organisational regard, e.g. when publishing the General VERA Guidelines, and in a technical regard, e.g. when revising the VERA test protocols so as to reflect the latest state-of-the-art. In a variety of communication activities, VERA’s importance and level of awareness had been increased, including tackling a more European route to verification.
Many thanks again for all your effort and input into achieving all of this! 

After the transfer of all the relevant data and information, our VERA flag was handed over to the new responsible people on 26 September. The Dutch organisation NEN will now take over VERA’s organisational tasks and responsibilities and is available for any matters regarding VERA. Your new contact is Caroline van Hoek and Ted den Heijer.

@Caroline and Ted: Welcome to VERA!
We wish you all the best in this new role and are confident that you will tackle the challenges the future holds for VERA.

All the best! Goodbye! Farwell! Vaarwel, and ‘Auf Wiedersehen’!