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In this section you will find press releases, articles and other information material on VERA and news about VERA.


General Terms when communicating about VERA


You may use the name and logo of VERA without restrictions when reporting on the VERA programme as a whole, i. e. when it is not about the verified performance of a specific technology. Therefore an article in the press, a post in a blog or on a Website could use the VERA logo to advertise the programme.

In case you tend to report on the verification of a certain technology, especially when publicizing its Performance, you must include and mention ALL of the following elements:   

  • Name of the technology and manufacturer
  • Application area
  • Verified performance including specific operational conditions
  • Explicit reference to the VERA Verification Statement (number, date of verification and website) 



Not sure about the proper use of the VERA name and its logo?

You are most welcome to contact us if you need further details.



Currently available material:



Presentation VERA in general (pdf, 3920 kB)

Description VERA in general - presentation
File type and size pdf, 3920 kB
Publication date 22.11.2017
Description VERA logo
File type and size jpg, 683 kB
Publication date 08.12.2014
Description press release: General VERA Guidelines published
File type and size pdf, 237 kB
Publication date 22.03.2017
Description press release: New VERA Verification Statement awarded
File type and size pdf, 246 kB
Publication date 25.01.2017
Description press release: new VERA Secretariat - website revised
File type and size pdf, 231 kB
Publication date 19.08.2015
Description Leaflet with brief information on VERA
File type and size pdf, 520 kB
Publication date 07.10.2016